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The Benefits Of Call And Contact Center Gamification

Call and contact center gamification is an old concept, yet it can be beneficial to look at it from different angles. Moving a racecar across a corkboard for every new sale? Giving agents raffle tickets every time they hit a certain goal? Handing out certificates for agent of the month? All are examples of gamification.

Old-school efforts are manual, labor-intensive, and difficult to sustain. But modern-day call center gamification software automates games and provides a sustainable, dynamic way to reward and engage agents.

How Does This Benefit Your Business?

  • Motivate and engage agents by making work fun
  • Decrease supervisor workload while driving improved team performance
  • Align performance goals with business objectives

Where Can Call Centers Be Located?

Remote - Competitions can help unite peers and teams even if they aren’t in the same room, and customizable agent avatars can create a virtual community among remote contact center agents.

In Office - Whether it is winning redeemable coins, collecting badges, or climbing the leaderboard – it’s going to help your team stay on task without manually tallying on a whiteboard.

How Does Gamification Software Work With Different Call Center Types?

Inbound - Gamification empowers inbound agents to take ownership over their work, foster friendly competition, and feel a continued sense of accomplishment

Outbound - Whether it’s appointment setting, welcome calls, collection, or sales - outbound centers are more competitive by nature. This makes it the perfect tool to foster a structured, competitive environment.

Blended - Gamification is extremely important to help blended centers stay on track with the variety of goals they are tasked with.

How Does This Benefit Different People In Your Company?

Agents - Games and challenges give agents incentives to hit goals and improve performance that makes the whole process more fun. Rewards and recognition are the number one factors that contribute to high agent satisfaction. So, in a nutshell, it boosts agent engagement and satisfaction!

Supervisors - Automated gamification makes supervisors’ lives easier by eliminating the manual burden of managing games and rewards. Supervisors have enough on their plates already – the number one reason supervisors leave the contact center is because of workload. Automation takes the stress off supervisors while driving the improved team performance.

Executives - Gamification leads to higher agent engagement which leads to higher agent engagement, average revenue growth, net profit margin, customer satisfaction and earnings per share.

Customers - You can’t move CSAT (customer satisfaction) without moving ASAT (agent satisfaction). With gamification, agents are more engaged, attentive, and committed to customers. Engaged employees generate 81% higher customer satisfaction.

About The Author

For more than 18 years, Brian Spraetz has been helping customer service operations perform at peak levels and deliver loyalty-winning experiences. In addition to his positions in product marketing, Brian has had roles in product development and product management. With expertise spanning the full range of customer engagement solutions, Brian provides unique perspectives and valuable insights on effectively combining technology and processes to gain operational and competitive advantages.