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Five9 Unveils Agent Assist Offering – Delivering Practical, Real-World Benefits to Contact Centers

Five9 Agent Assist shatters AI perceptions of being ‘expensive,’ ‘hard,’ and ‘inaccurate’ while providing consistent, detailed and precise call summaries 


SAN RAMON, Calif. – Sept. 16, 2020 – Five9, Inc (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, announced the general availability of Five9® Agent Assist in Q4. Five9 Agent Assist extends Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center capabilities with assistance focused on helping the agent during and after calls. Using AI-based, real-time call transcriptions, Five9 Agent Assist provides the first use case, a powerful new capability called Assisted Summarization. With this technology, Five9 Agent Assist can summarize calls and with optional confirmation from the agent, save it into the CRM or other system of record, with a single click. This provides measurable cost savings by reducing after call work and call handle times by eliminating the need for the agent to write notes. 

In addition to saving time, customer experience is improved by allowing agents to have detailed history of customer interactions in prior calls. This can reduce the need for agents to ask customers to repeat what happened previously. Summaries can also include details on what the agent said, enabling improved compliance adherence. Detailed reports provide insight into reasons for the call, upsell attempts and success rates, and many other insights. 

Five9 Agent Assist also allows agents to see live transcripts of the call as the conversation takes place. This allows a “second pair of ears” on each call, helping the agent to understand what the customer has said, without asking them to repeat it. 

Five9 Agent Assist is powered by Google Cloud and Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence technology, which provide speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities. On top of that foundation, Five9 has added its own technologies, including its proprietary AI model generation and assisted summary algorithms. 

Implementing AI solutions has been a complex and expensive initiative for customers, often requiring extensive investment in data science and machine learning, multi-month and multi-million-dollar implementation costs, and expensive ongoing maintenance. The Five9 Genius AI platform makes AI practical, dramatically reducing implementation costs and timelines. Beta customers were able to deploy Five9 Agent Assist into production with just a week of implementation and setup, despite the fact that each customer had radically different conversations and required different summaries for their calls. This enables agents, supervisors and businesses to provide a more human experience for their customers as agents can focus more on the customers’ needs and less on notetaking and information lookups during the interaction.  

“Up until now, companies viewed AI as a ‘future project’ due to its perceived complexity, cost, or lack of demonstrably proven results,” states Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO and Head of AI at Five9. “With Five9 Agent Assist, we focused on enabling practical AI that tackles real-world challenges for businesses. We narrowed in on a really important need that every contact center has – knowing what happened during a call – and solved it with a combination of machine intelligence and human oversight.”   

Customers can configure their agent experience so that transcripts and call summaries can be directly placed into their CRM application with or without any agent intervention after the disposition of a call. The Five9 Genius AI platform improves the accuracy of AI generated summaries based on the changes made by agents and learns as it goes. In other words – it gets smarter as the agents use it.  

“With all the calls coming through our contact center, it’s not practical for us to listen to every call,” said Steele Anderson, Senior Manager Sales Operations, Womply. “On the other hand, knowing what our agents are talking about with customers is critical to understanding the transaction and the larger trends our customers are dealing with. With Five9 Agent Assist, agents had an easier time dealing with customers which resulted in shorter call times. Customer asks were easier to identify and trends across the contact center are easier to see. Also, our accuracy to adherence for our DNC list improved thanks to the AI.”  

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