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Five9 Delivers an Innovative Approach to Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Software with Five9 Connect as well as Native Social, Mobile, Chat and Email Capabilities

Five9 Connect Includes Advanced Natural Language Processing, Business Rules and Routing Engine and Agent Assistance Tools

SAN RAMON, CALIF. AND LAS VEGAS – JUNE 11, 2014 – From IQPC Call Center Week, Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of cloud contact center software, today introduced the latest version of its cloud contact center software. The Five9 Summer Release 2014 includes:

  • Native multichannel applications that support social, mobile, chat and email interactions
  • A unique intelligent technology layer called Five9 Connect
  • New applications and enhancements that enable supervisors to more effectively manage voice as well as cross-channel performance

With the Summer Release 2014, businesses that need a cloud-based solution for outbound marketing and sales or inbound customer care can improve customer engagement across more channels while increasing agent efficiency and productivity within their contact center.

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"With Summer Release 2014, we've combined the robust functionality, fast deployment, and ease-of-use of our product with an innovative technology layer called Five9 Connect to support a unique cross-channel experience. This release not only underscores our commitment to building a powerful cloud contact center solution that enables exceptional customer experiences, but to also deliver frequent, innovative updates in response to evolving industry trends and technology advancements."
– Liz Osborn, vice president of product and solution marketing, Five9

Improve Customer Engagement with New Native Multichannel Capabilities
With the Summer Release 2014, Five9 is delivering an integrated multichannel agent desktop that allows agents to respond to all channels from one easy-to-use desktop. The new multichannel desktop includes social, mobile, chat and email, in addition to traditional inbound, outbound and blended voice capabilities. In addition, Five9 is offering native multichannel applications:

  • Five9 Social – Provides advanced social media engagement capabilities for both customer care and social lead generation, while also helping organizations manage social engagement based on standard contact center key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Five9 Mobile Care

          - Five9 Visual IVR—Mobile customers can now get to the answers they need through an intuitive visual dialog designed for smartphones. Customers can see how long they’ll be on hold, choose to get a call back, or connect via chat or email
          - Five9 Visual Customer Feedback—At the end of an email, chat, or Visual IVR session, agents can immediately collect customer satisfaction feedback at the exact moment when sentiment is relevant and accurate

  • Five9 Chat – Live consumer-to-agent chat from mobile or web devices gives agents the ability to respond, record and manage multiple chat interactions
  • Five9 Email – Filters and intelligently routes email requests to agents who have access to assistance, search and customer history 

Intelligent Multichannel Powered by Five9 Connect

The new multichannel capabilities are powered by a unique set of technologies called Five9 Connect. This innovative technology helps contact centers understand what’s important, relevant and trending; decide how to prioritize, route and assign requests; and quickly resolve issues and improve conversion rates. This allows contact centers to focus their resources on high priority interactions, eliminates wasted time, and helps them achieve better business results. Five9 Connect includes:

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to filter and categorize interactions, eliminate spam, and analyze sentiment
  • Business rules and routing engine to prioritize and route interactions based on unique business policies and needs
  • Agent assistance tools to help agents resolve issues quickly

More Control and Flexibility for Managers with Dashboards and Reporting

Contact center managers need to be effective and efficient; the Five9 Summer Release 2014 makes it even easier to view and analyze data in real-time while providing more mobility for managers so they can manage agents from anywhere. This includes:

  • Five9 Dashboard—Supervisors can easily see real-time updates for defined KPIs. Dashboards can be quickly customized by business users for monitoring and reporting; they can also be displayed as a wallboard for visibility on the contact center floor
  • Five9 Supervisor App for iPad— New innovative interface and capabilities improve the way supervisors manage and coach agents and increase effectiveness. In addition, supervisors can monitor, start and stop campaigns from their iPad while on the move
  • Enhanced Reporting—New multichannel historical reports allow supervisors to track service level agreements and other KPIs across all channels. All Five9 reports now include the option to add a variety of charts to display statistics visually 

Comments on the News

"American Support is focused on delivering exceptional inbound and outbound telesales and today's tech-savvy customers expect us to be able to communicate with them through a variety of channels. The new multichannel applications in the Five9 Summer Release will expand our capabilities and empower us to provide support in an intelligent and efficient way. With multiple call centers and telesales agents in more than 20 states, the updated features for call center managers will also be fantastic for us, as they will improve our ability to manage agents from anywhere at any time while also providing faster insight into our daily operations."
- Matt Zemon, president and CEO of American Support

"The tendency of customers to gravitate towards complex multichannel interactions makes it more important than ever for service providers like Five9 to provide a clean, simple way for enterprises to manage those interactions. With Five9 Connect and the other enhancements in this release, Five9 is helping produce a seamless, easy customer experience."
- Keith Dawson, principal analyst, Ovum 

At IQPC Call Center Week
Five9 will be offering live demos of Summer Release 2014 in Las Vegas at IQPC Call Center Week (booth #116). Also at Call Center Week, Five9 client Rhonda Tate, vice president of direct response at Positec, a leading manufacturer of power tools, will lead a session focused on the importance of developing and managing "super agents" to align with multichannel customer care strategies. Tate's presentation will take place Wednesday, June 11 at 4:55 p.m. PDT. 

About Five9
Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers and facilitating more than three billion customer interactions annually. Since 2001, Five9 has led the cloud revolution in contact centers, delivering software to help organizations of every size transition from premise-based software to the cloud. With its extensive expertise, technology, and ecosystem of partners, Five9 delivers secure, reliable, scalable cloud contact center software to help businesses create exceptional customer experiences, increase agent productivity and deliver tangible results. For more information visit

Forward Looking Statements
This news release contains certain forward-looking statements that are based on our current expectations and involve numerous risks and uncertainties that may cause these forward-looking statements to be inaccurate, including with respect to the advantages, new features, customer acceptance and future success of our Summer Release 2014 product (the “Product”). Risks that may cause these forward-looking statements to be inaccurate include, among others: (i) our quarterly and annual results may fluctuate significantly, may not fully reflect the underlying performance of our business and may result in decreases in the price of our common stock; (ii) we may be unable to attract new clients or sell additional services and functionality, including the Product to our existing clients; (iii) our recent rapid growth may not be indicative of our future growth and we may fail to manage our growth effectively; (iv) the markets in which we participate are highly competitive and we may be unable to compete effectively; (v) we may be unable to manage our technical operations infrastructure, which could cause our existing clients to experience service outages, cause our new clients to experience delays in the deployment of our solution and subject us to, among other things, claims for credits or damages; (vi) a decline in our dollar-based retention rate could cause our revenues, gross margins and net income to decrease and we may be required to spend more money to grow our client base to maintain our revenues; (vii) sales of our solutions to larger organizations may require longer sales and implementation cycles and we may be unable to offer the configuration and integration services or customized features and functions required by larger organizations, which could delay or prevent sales of our solution to them; (viii) downturns or upturns in new sales will not be immediately reflected in our operating results and may be difficult to discern; (ix) third-party telecommunications and internet service providers on which we rely may fail to provide our clients and their customers with reliable telecommunication services and connectivity to our cloud contact center software; (x) we may be unable to achieve or sustain profitability; (xi) the Product may not provide the features, functionality, and advantages that we anticipate, may contain bugs or other errors, may not be accepted by our customers, or may be more difficult to install or implement at our customers than our prior products;  and (xii) the other risks detailed from time-to-time under the caption “Risk Factors” and elsewhere in our Securities and Exchange Commission filings and reports, including, but not limited to, our most recent quarterly report on Form 10-Q. Such forward looking statements speak only as of the date hereof and readers should not unduly rely on such statements. We undertake no obligation to update the information contained in this press release, including in any forward-looking statements.
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