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Wilmac Technologies is a Rochester, New York-based software and managed services company, specializing in data management and customer experience solutions. Wilmac was founded in 1957 and has evolved as a technology provider over the years. With offices in Rochester, Toronto, and New York City, Wilmac has a global customer base.

As a proud partner of leading CCaaS provider Five9, Wilmac Technologies works with TD Synnex to sell, implement, and support Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. Beyond that, Wilmac is a part of Five9’s ISV program with our customer interaction data management and archiving solution Continuity Replay Cloud.Continuity Replay is cloud-based, vendor agnostic, and omnichannel, meaning that it can ingest call recordings, emails, webchats, videos, and other forms of customer interaction data from a wide variety of vendors.

For example, if your customers are transitioning from an on-premises telephony, contact center, or data storage platform to a solution like Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center, what are they doing with the data that is subject to retention requirements that is locked in the on-prem system?

Continuity Replay Cloud extracts that data, converts it into an accessible format, and stores it in the cloud for simple search and replay. The solution also has automated compliance features like retention purge, legal hold, and audit logging to make compliance with data retention requirements easy.