Motivate and Manage Agents to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Engage agents and help them grow with detailed insights into individual performance. Motivate them to perform by highlighting where they excel and work with them on opportunities to improve. Engaged, happy agents produce more positive customer outcomes that create customer loyalty and decrease agent retention.

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Turn Your Quality Program into a Strategic Business Asset

Five9 Quality Management (QM) helps you understand the full experience your customers receive by capturing and evaluating interactions across voice and digital channels. Improve the effectiveness of your quality program by increasing evaluator efficiency and focusing their efforts on the “best” interactions to review. Significantly expand your program with automated interaction scoring and evaluation assignment.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences and Keep Agents Engaged

Capture voice and screen recordings and digital channel transcripts to expand the scope of QM across all customer contact channels.
Monitor agent interactions and desktop activity in real time with the ability to provide coaching behind the scene or assist directly as needed.
Create flexible evaluation forms to better capture agent performance for specific interaction types and channels.
Increase confidence in the quality process by ensuring consistent scoring by evaluators.
Automated QM
Evaluate every captured customer interaction and target high-value interactions for additional review.
Embed QM within your CRM user interface and extend QM functionality to CRM digital channels.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, RoundPoint created a specific COVID-19 support page, receiving tens of thousands of interactions through Five9 Visual IVR, and set up between 48,000 and 55,000 forbearance plans in just one month.

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The Five9 platform has helped us save over 5% of FTE costs. Between the queue callback feature and Five9 QM I’m estimating that I would need at least 7 more FTE than what I have right now if we weren’t on the Five9 platform.

Razi Sharbaan II

Associate Director, Global Consumer Services, Bissell

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