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Deliver Extraordinary Experiences with Five9 WFO

The modern-day contact center has lots of moving parts and managing a contact center can be a difficult task which falls on supervisors and contact center managers. However, with the right tools in place it is not so daunting. That’s where Five9 WFO can help.

Five9 WFO includes call and screen recording, quality management, workforce management, performance management and speech analytics. It provides a wealth of information to contact center supervisors and managers to effectively manage staffing and improve agent capabilities. And an appropriately staffed contact center with engaged and empowered agents helps your organization provide extraordinary customer experiences.

Organizations of all sizes see multiple benefits when implementing Five9 WFO solutions. Among them are:

• Improved first call resolution rates
• Better customer experience results and consistency
• Increased agent engagement, performance and productivity
• Lower operating costs
• Reduced customer effort for issue resolution
• Improved brand loyalty

To deliver the right WFO solution for your organization Five9 takes a unique approach. We partner with leading vendors in the industry: Verint, Calabrio, CSI and Authority Software, to offer you the freedom, flexibility and choice to select a solution that truly fits your company needs.


With Five9 Gamification, it is easier than ever for contact centers to reinforce learning and motivate agent performance. Five9 Gamification provides a variety of reward systems to motive agent behavior. It creates an environment for agents to see the big picture and shake off moment by moment setbacks to achieve something greater.

Performance Dashboard

With Five9 Performance Dashboard, contact centers have visibility into the agentand customer experience throughout the customer journey. Agents get real-time feedback on their performance moment by moment throughout the day. Supervisors and contact center managers get role specific metrics on how staff is performing and the impact it is having on operations.

Call Center Management Guide

Workforce Management (WFM)

Achieve the right balance between cost and service-level management. Five9 provides tools to forecast contact volume, schedule contact center staff based on workload, plan for special events, proactively manage intraday change, and ensure real-time schedule adherence.

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Quality Management

Five9 partners with leading third-party quality management solutions to deliver end-to-end management of QM processes in the cloud and offer quality assurance. Five9 quality management provides monitoring, interaction recording, and agent quality performance management as well as advanced analytics.

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Download the Datasheet: Five9 Workforce Management

Learn how you can lower costs and improve efficiency with staff scheduling in the Five9 Cloud. Get an overview of the workforce management features available from Five9.

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Download the Datasheet: Five9 Quality Management

Get an overview of the quality management features available from Five9.

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Download the Datasheet: Workforce Optimization

Learn about the value of Workforce Optimization (WFO) and how Five9 partners with leading WFO vendors to provide the best solution to meet your business requirements. 

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Sentinel: Learn How Five9 Helped Improve Agent Performance and Supervisor Control

Sentinel agents spend approximately 75% of their time taking inbound calls and the remaining quarter of their time placing outbound calls. Five9 helped get agents up and running more efficiently at the start of the workday and also improved supervisors’ ability to monitor agents on calls.

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Boost Productivity with Five9

Stop wasting time on manual dialing and managing leads. Five9 Outbound Contact Center automates lead and campaign management, so you can create an automated marketing and sales funnel that achieves your outbound goals.


Predictive dialing connects agents only to live prospects, maximizing calling efficiency.


Use list priorities and ratios, so your agents can focus on their most qualified leads.


Automate agent callbacks using the Disposition Timer and redial feature.


Leverage workflow rules with time-of-day triggers to manage agents and campaigns.

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Powerful, scalable, and secure cloud solutions.

Industry Leadership

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Integrate with all the leading CRM packages.

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