Shopping Cart Rescue & the Contact Center

How to solve e-Commerce’s #1 problem.

Thursday, October 28th - 11:00 am PST

Neil Valentine

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Woodland

Director, Vertical Marketing

Ethan Francis

Client Partner
The post-pandemic shopper has embraced online purchasing like never before. The National Retail Federation forecasts that e-commerce sales will grow between 10.5% and 13.5% to more than $4.44 trillion in 2021. Unfortunately, online shoppers abandon on average 84.27% of their online carts!  
You can find out about how Five9 and Lucency are helping businesses eliminate expensive leaks in this massively critical stage in the e-commerce journey at our Oct. 28 webinar: 
Tune into this webinar to learn:  
  • Why are abandoned shopping carts a problem for retailers?  
  • How do you rescue a shopping cart at risk of abandonment? 
  • Why is the Contact Center so important to solving this big problem for retailers? 

Thursday, October 28th - 11:00 am PST