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Demo Webinar: New Hire Intelligent Virtual Agent and Virtual Voiceover

Deliver differentiated and personalized customer experiences and reduce costs with Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agents
Andrew Scheel

Andrew Scheel

Solutions Designer
Erin Wilson Headshot

Erin Wilson

Director, Technical Marketing

You wouldn’t hire a new employee without interviewing them first, right? The same should apply to your Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs).

IVAs can answer your customers’ commonly asked questions, send follow-up SMS messages with links, and allow callers to request a callback from a sales rep. IVAs can help your customers get answers quicker through self-service and help your free up your agents to work on more complex issues instead of answering FAQs.

Check out this webinar where we will be live interviewing the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent to show the full range of tasks they can execute.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:
•    Best practices for building conversational IVAs
•    How businesses are using AI and IVAs in the contact center
•    Leverage easy-to-create natural-sounding text-to-speech with Five9 Virtual Voiceover

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