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The Future is Calling: Why it’s Time to Upgrade Your IVR to an IVA

 Future is Calling

Who’s answering your calls? Do your callers reach a self-service system powered by interactive voice response (IVR)? If so, you probably know there’s much more powerful technology out there that can provide a better customer experience.

IVA is short for intelligent virtual agent, an AI-powered self-service application that automates routine contact center conversations and tasks. Upgrading from IVR to IVA has never been easier or more cost-effective so now is the time to make the move.

Read our eBook to learn:

  • What an IVA is
  • How IVAs increase call deflection and improve upon frustrating touch tone IVR
  • How IVAs can save money while enhancing the customer experience
  • How easy it is to build and deploy IVAs in your contact center

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