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The Next Evolution for Contact Centers Is Driving Business Value from Targeted Automation

IDC Technology Spotlight Workflow Automation Report Screenshot

Improving the customer experience is a primary goal of most organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. Key to this process for contact centers is the ability to automate workflows by accessing and activating data across business systems.

Workflow automation connects the contact center with other systems to improve customer experiences by aggregating information, providing comprehensive views of data and performance, and automating cross-platform workflows based on real-time data and events.

In this IDC Technology Spotlight report sponsored by Five9, IDC evaluates the impact workflow automation is making on the market today and how it will drive business’ technology investments in the future.

Read the report to learn:

  • Why organizations are adding workflow automation to their technology roadmaps
  • 8 key features and design principles of effective workflow automation solutions
  • How establishing “empathy at scale” is crucial for building relationships with customers that drive loyalty
  • 4 essential advantages contact centers can achieve with workflow automation
  • The top 3 challenges contact centers face when considering workflow automation solutions

Report: IDC Technology Spotlight - Workflow Automation