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How to Avoid the CX Metrics Gap

Metrigy How to Avoid the CX Metrics Gap


When thinking about your CX strategy, do you factor in both customer satisfaction and agent experience? Though companies have plenty of data, most don’t have a comprehensive strategy for customer experience analytics.  

 As customer expectations evolve, your strategies and success criteria need to adapt with them. Depending on where you are now, that could mean viewing traditional KPIs from a different angle or adding new ones — or both.  

 Learn more from this report, including:  

  • Customer satisfaction increases by 26% when agent turnover is less than 15% per year 

  • 83% of organizations are interested in maintaining high customer sat, even if it costs more to do it 

  • 41.2% of organizations use the same KPIs to evaluate voice/video calls vs. digital channels, but have different goals for each

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