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The Steps Not Taken: What Are You Missing in Your Patient Experience?


The information systems that we use to capture and measure the patient experience are designed to document the quality of the interactions that take place between patients, providers and staff. However, the patient experience is significantly impacted by the impact of inaction and the steps not taken – the phone calls that are not returned and the information not provided.

These errors of omission and missed opportunities tend to be invisible to health care institutions. As such, they persist under the radar, continuing to negatively impact patients, their families and hospital ratings.

In this talk, Keren Stronach, MPH, the UCSF Cancer Services Patient Experience Manager will discuss her finding with Roni Jamesmeyer, the Five9 Sr. Vertical Marketing Manager. The talk will cover ways that health care systems can better shed light on what is not known and how to mitigate the harmful impacts of errors of omission on the patient experience. 

This talk covers:

  • Methods of data collection and tracking
  • Unique insights from the Patient Mapping Initiative
  • The value of integrating patients and care givers in the design and implementation of programs
  • Ways to reduce the incidence of Errors of Omission

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