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Next Generation Retail Contact Centers

Next Generation Retail Contact Centers Whitepaper Screenshot

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the value of agility became real to retailers virtually overnight. Retailers that were already operating a cloud contact center were able to quickly pivot to a remote workforce and provide customers with the exceptional, omnichannel, connected experiences they expect. Those that didn’t discovered just how important it is to be agile in a world where the contact center is increasingly the front door of a retail business. 

Download the white paper to learn:

  • What today’s retail customers expect when they contact customer service, and how you can improve agility to compete on experience
  • The challenges of delivering modern customer experiences and why an intelligent cloud contact center is the key to delivering connected, more human service and support
  • How Under Armour moved to the cloud and achieved over $1 million savings in call reduction, a 31% improvement in handle times, and a 113% increase in quarterly revenue

Download the White Paper