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Five9 Support Services


Section 1: Named Contacts

Customer will designate up to three (3) employees as designated support contacts ("Named Contacts") who will report problems or issues to Five9 Support. Prior to Customer’s production start date with Five9, Five9 will provide Named Contacts product training courses so that they will be able to effectively manage the Five9 VCC product suite and interact with our technical specialists when needed.

Named Contacts are the only Five9 users who are authorized to log problems or make support inquiries directly to Five9. Named Contacts are the primary technical interface between you and the Five9 Support. All inquiries from non-qualified contacts will be referred back to the Named Contacts. Changes in Named Contacts can be made at any time by contacting Five9 Support.


Section 2: Coverage, Availability and Scheduled Maintenance 

Five9 Support will be available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Named Contacts may reach Five9 Support by:

  • Calling the Telephone hotline (with voicemail available)
  • Emailing
  • Logging a case in the Five9 Self Service Portal

Five9 will regularly publish a schedule of maintenance windows and will notify Customer in advance of any planned downtime. Five9 shall notify Customer in the event that the Virtual Contact Center (VCC) becomes inaccessible and shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to resume performance of the VCC as soon as practical. Maintenance events are designed to have zero downtime and minimal impact to all users. On rare occasions maintenance could include downtime which will be coordinated and communicated well ahead of time. Scheduled maintenance windows are typically on Wednesday and Saturday, however we will perform maintenance during other days of the week as operationally required. In some rare occurrences (e.g. major system upgrades) the normal maintenance windows may be extended. Five9 will make every reasonable effort to notify Customers in advance of these occurrences.


Section 3: Technical Support

Each case will be assigned a priority depending upon the nature of the problem (see Definitions below). Five9 Support will work with Named Contacts to isolate, identify, reproduce and resolve reported problems. If required, the Five9 Support team will work internally to drive the development of a workaround or fix. When a solution or workaround is identified, Five9 Support will work directly with the Named Contact to communicate the resolution.


Section 4: Priority Definitions and Response Guidelines


PriorityDescriptionInitial Response (after notification from Customer of issue)Status Updates
1An issue which is causing the Service to become inoperative or severely impaired, which has a severe impact on Customer’s business, and for which there is no alternative processing, fix or workaround.15 MinutesEvery 1 Hour
2Critical component of the Service is degraded.  A Service functionality supporting Customer’s business critical processes has failed, causing Customer’s business to be significantly affected.30 MinutesEvery 4 Hours
3Malfunctions causing the loss of a few minor Service functions having minor impact on Customer’s business.  The Service is operative with some functions being limited, or non-time critical functions being inoperative causing inconvenience to Customer.4 HoursEvery 2 Business Days
4Single, non-critical, component of the Service is down or degraded.  No significant business impact on Customer.1 business daysAs Required


Section 5: Exclusions 

Five9 shall have no obligation to support:

  • Errors caused by Customers negligence, hardware malfunction, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Five9;
  • Software installed in a hardware or operating environment not supported by Five9. The current technical requirements for connecting to the VCC Service are located in the Five9 customer portal or online via These requirements may change from time to time. In such event, Customer will be notified of the changes and of the specific Required Equipment needed to continue using the VCC Service.
  • Third party software not licensed through Five9.
  • Customer's internal network or Customer's ISP provider issues (including network/connectivity issues for home-based agents).