The ROI of Contact Center Software: What You May (or May Not) Be Considering

Why should you use contact center software if what you currently have in place works just fine?

You may even be questioning if it’s worth the investment.

But what you need to consider is the actual ROI that contact center software yields.

Let’s look at a few ways that contact center software can save your business money (and in turn, MAKE your business money).

How Contact Center Software Can Save Businesses Money

  • Reduce costs. Whether you’re currently running a PBX , on-premise system, or nothing at all, contact center software can significantly reduce your operating costs.  The key, however, is to not compromise on service quality or customer experience. By promoting efficient operations, resources, and agents, you will begin to see incremental revenue from your contact center.
  • Do more with less. With virtual working environments, your contact center agents reap the benefits of working remotely. They don’t have to worry about a daily commute, have flexibility in their work schedule, and an overall better quality of life. This creates a long-lasting positive relationship with employees, which will be passed on to your customers. For you, this means a reduction in the cost of equipment, bandwidth, and office space.
  • Better customer service. Contact center software, combined with a CRM system, gives your contact center agents all the information they need about customers and prospects before they even pick up the phone. Agents can quickly understand who the caller is and why they are calling, allowing them to respond with relevant information. Catered experiences allow customers to feel special and create brand loyalty, meaning customers are more likely to buy from you again in the future. Bad customer service experiences, on the other hand, create more work for your sales and service teams as they have to work harder to make up for lost revenue.
  • Increase sales. According to studies, contact center agents typically spend 15 minutes per hour ACTUALLY talking to customers or prospects. The rest of their time is spent dialing numbers or waiting for a call to be answered. With the predictive dialing feature of contact center software, the average agent talk time can more than triple to 48 minutes per hour. This means that you’ve just tripled the chances of making a sale.
  • Increase efficiency. Do you currently have a method for tracking prospects? Whether it’s Post-It notes or an elaborate spreadsheet, there’s room for streamlining. Imagine the logistical nightmare when notes become too much to handle or the spreadsheet grows. Who followed up on what leads and who forgot to call when they said they would? Contact center software, when coupled with a CRM system, creates an efficient and powerful system to empower your agents so they can focus on closing deals.

Contact center software may be an added expense for business, but take a minute to think about the impact it has on your business in the long run.

You’ll reduce call response times, create a consistent avenue of customer service, and gauge how well you deliver it. All of which lead to customers who have no reason to look elsewhere since they’re happy with how you do business.   

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