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If it improves your customer experience, 

Waterfield Tech transforms customer engagement for organizations worldwide. Operating across six continents, our employees leverage a consultative, client-centric approach to design, build, and manage scalable, omnichannel and AI-enabled customer experience solutions. Our breakthrough innovations in contact center technology, applied artificial intelligence (AAI), and workforce engagement reduce business costs, improve customer satisfaction, and help customers deploy a smarter utilization of the human workforce.

Why Waterfield Tech?

From strategic vision and planning to implementation and management. Every technology, every platform, across your entire contact center operations.

Reveal Quick Wins and Map Long-term Strategy

We deliver the answers and actions you need to outfit your contact center with the right tech, help uncover areas where you can better utilize your technology, how can you benefit from automation or AI, and what efforts should be prioritized.  Our customer experience and contact center assessments evaluate every touchpoint, reveal quick wins, identify areas of immediate opportunity and a map out a long-term strategy for success to meet future KPIs so your ROI is right on target.

Unparalleled Expertise in Contact Center

Nobody knows the contact center like us. Our premise, hybrid, and cloud native platform expertise coupled with hands on experience in your vertical combine to create a unique skill set. And our Ascend program, tailored specifically for Five9 customers, lowers your migration cost and delivers long-term value adoption. It’s a savvier, flexible, frictionless transition to the cloud for exceptional customer experiences with a faster time to value.

We’re your AI Outfitter

The race to leverage AI has already begun.  With multiple paths to the summit, you need to find the one that’s right for your firm.  As your AI Outfitters, we help you pick the right path and arm you with the tools, talent, and techniques to evolve your contact center into an AI-first customer experience.

Trusted Advisor for Full Stack Managed Services

Built on a legacy of trust, our enterprise focused IT Managed Services program proactively addresses technology challenges. Our proven, scalable approach to modernizing organizations’ technology stacks streamlines issue management and remediation, identifies cost optimization, and aligns with your firm’s readiness and appetite for change.

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