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Unlock the Next Level of Agent Productivity with Generative AI Summary on Five9 Agent Assist

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Sarika Prasad Senior Product Marketing Manager

It's hard to keep up with all the buzz around Generative AI and how it's set to transform the business landscape. It's been a hot topic of discussion in 2023, and many of us are curious about this technology's practical applications and viability in the contact center. 

The good news is it's not just hype! At Five9, our product and engineering teams have worked actively since last year to leverage this game-changing technology to transform contact centers. And this year, we will continue to unlock a new class of products with Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) tools. 

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of AI Summary powered by OpenAI on Five9 Agent Assist

What is AI Summary and Key Benefits 

Average Handle Time (AHT) is a critical key performance indicator (KPI) for contact centers. Therefore, reducing AHT is top of mind for many contact center leaders to improve agent productivity and overall efficiency. Today, many agents have to take notes during the call (i.e., distracted from interacting with the customer) and then spend a few minutes to write a summary after the call is done. These summaries are essential for a couple of reasons: (1) to allow the next agent to know what happened in prior conversations and (2) to facilitate record-keeping for compliance purposes. 

While call summarization has been possible before, it has always required significant configuration and tuning, and it has only been able to handle conversations when they followed a fairly regimented structure. These limitations have meant that any significant cost saving is out of reach.   

Leveraging advanced LLM technology, AI Summary is an out-of-the-box feature within Agent Assist. Customers can turn on the feature with a simple on/off toggle. Comprehensive call summaries are generated within seconds with little to no professional services or any AI training, tuning, or maintenance, accelerating time to value. If necessary, agents can add additional notes to supplement the AI-generated summary. This drastically helps to reduce the time agents spend on post-call activities. 

With this new feature, Five9 Agent Assist is even more powerful. Overall, Agent Assist helps contact centers realize immediate cost savings by empowering agents with real-time intelligence and next-best-action guidance and by automating repetitive work so that agents focus their energy on helping customers. 

Top Use Cases of AI Summary 

Reduce Post-Contact Activity Time: After a call is completed, many agents take a few minutes to write a summary of the call. These summaries provide context so the next call agent can understand a customer's interaction journey.  Our AI Summary functionality can generate a comprehensive summary in seconds. This means they can provide detailed information to the next agent who handles the call, saving significant time. 

Quality Monitoring and Training: Supervisors can use call summaries to monitor the quality of agent interactions with customers and provide feedback for improvement. Supervisors can identify areas where agents may need additional training or coaching by analyzing call summaries. 

Boost Customer Satisfaction: AI Summary functionality can also significantly improve the overall customer experience by helping agents better understand customer needs and respond appropriately. With the ability to generate comprehensive summaries in just seconds, agents can quickly review previous interactions with a customer and gain valuable context that can help them provide more personalized and effective support. 

Increase Compliance: AI Summary functionality can also help with compliance in contact centers. Call summaries can be used to ensure that regulatory requirements are being met by capturing and storing the discussion during the call. In addition to the summary, customers can also store the full call transcript for even more in-depth detail of the call. 

Reach out to us for a live demo and learn how AI Summary powered by OpenAI GPT-3 can help you deliver fluid customer experiences, empower agents, improve operational efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.  

Stay tuned for our upcoming demo webinar, where we will showcase this feature live in action. 

Sarika Headshot
Sarika Prasad Senior Product Marketing Manager

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