Five9 Workflow Automation:
Automate Workflows to Create Exceptional Experiences

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Intelligently Connect Your Systems and Applications

Five9 workflow automation lets you connect your Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center with other business systems to drive exceptional customer experiences by aggregating information, providing comprehensive views of data and performance, and automating sophisticated, cross-platform workflows and reactions based on the data and events being aggregated.

Connect Systems with Ease

A library of pre-built connections to popular business systems aggregate data in real-time and combine it with Five9 information. This consolidated base of information lets you create highly visual dashboards that update in real time as data is collected. These connections also provide access to external system functionality to create automated cross-workflows between Five9 and other systems.

Visualize Performance in Real Time

Enhance transparency into your operations with data visualization that incorporate real-time and historical information from Five9 and other systems. Pre-built visualization widgets let you create dashboards with ease and share information in a way that’s intuitive and easily understood. Drive better, more informed decisions by getting relevant and actionable information to the people who can use it.

React Intelligently with Workflows

Create intelligent, automated workflows to react in a coordinated manner across Five9 and other business systems. Workflows are created by business users, not engineers, using a unique ‘no code’, graphical approach. The occurrence of a trigger event initiates automated action (‘When’ that happens, ‘Do’ this). Actions can contain multiple steps, complex If/Then logic, and incorporate other information to create intelligent workflows.

Operational Intelligence

Get a comprehensive, unified view of operational performance incorporating information from Five9 and systems like CRM, Service Management, Order Entry, Billing, and others. Vibrant visual dashboards make it easy to understand real-time operational conditions at a glance. Quickly identify when and where corrective actions may be necessary to keep on track towards achieving your business goals.

Proactive Notification

Proactive customer notification can reduce call volumes, lower operating costs, and increase customer retention. Automating notifications can be a challenge when crucial information is siloed in disparate systems with no access to outbound communication channels. Continuously monitor for notification events in multiple systems and automatically initiate outbound contact over voice, email, SMS, or social communication channels.

Digital Outreach

Outbound calling can increase customer satisfaction and help build lasting relationships. When you fail to connect; however, the impact is greatly diminished. Automate follow-up contact using email, SMS, or social to let your customers know you missed them. Create personalized content using information from Five9, CRM, and other systems to improve response rates.

Social Engagement

Prompt follow up to mentions of your business’ brands or products in social media can make the difference between creating loyal customers and viral disasters. Continuously monitor social channels for key mentions and automate outreach to ensure timely and consistent responses. Intelligently tailor outreach according to customer communication preference, business priority, issue urgency, and other key factors.

Datasheet: Five9 Workflow Automation

Learn how workflow automation connects Five9 to business systems across your enterprise to create exceptional customer experiences

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Workflow Automation Features


50+ pre-built connectors


Data and functional integration


Real-time data aggregation


Multi-system information dashboards


Real-time and historical data


Pre-built visualizer widgets


‘Guest’ dashboard sharing


Intelligent, cross-system workflows


‘No-code’ workflow creation


One-time, recurring, or on-event execution

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