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How BISSELL Personalized Customer Experiences with Five9
Razi Sharbaan II

Razi Sharbaan II

Associate Director, Global Consumer Services at BISSELL Homecare Inc.
Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan

Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing at Five9

You are excited that you just welcomed a new pet into your home.

Thanks to BISSELL, an innovator in home care cleaning appliances, you can prepare for your new friend with specialized pet clean up supplies and focus on loving your pet instead of cleaning their messes.

Just as BISSELL is devoted to pet care, they are dedicated to providing personalized customer experiences for their growing global customer base.

As BISSELL’s business continued expanding, their contact center on-premise capabilities weren't flexible enough to support their customer service needs. As a result, BISSELL decided to move to the cloud with Five9 to ensure personalized customer experiences across all communication channels.

Grab your pet and tune into this webinar to learn how BISSELL:

  • Had a flawless transition to the cloud
  • Seamlessly integrated with installed cloud CRM Oracle
  • Deployed the solution in 4 contact centers supporting 4 countries
  • IVR supports 7 separate brands within BISSELL

On-Demand Webinar