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Is your Public Sector Contact Center Prepared for Climate Change?

Over the past several years, the words “natural disaster” have taken on new meaning.

6 Simple Steps to Evaluate your Gamification Cycle

We created a simple gamification cycle to evaluate the gamification strategies you currently have in place and show you how to implement new ones. This way, your contact center constantly evolves to create the highest level of agent engagement and performance.

Your Agents are Your Customer Experience

The role of the contact center is crucial for businesses. In today’s digital economy, for many companies the only time a consumer engages with them is through the contact center which has become the front door and face of the business. Customer service agents are now responsible for their brand’s customer experience as fewer and fewer consumers engage face-to-face with an employee in a store or branch.

Five Levels of Contact Center Agent Augmentation

The evolution of the contact center will likely be similar to other industries where AI is automating manual activities like self-driving cars.

Are Ghosts and Ghouls Lurking in your Contact Center? Five Scary Agent Types

My secret mission was to see if these companies had ghosts and ghouls lurking in their contact centers.

3 Ways To Show Your Agents Some Love on Valentine's Day

Contact center agents need to be shown some love, and Valentine's Day seems like a perfect day to start giving them the right tools they need to deliver great customer experiences.

The Do's and Don'ts of Adding New Channels to Your Contact Center

It is time to modernize your contact center and you have a lot of options to consider to add to your current phone support. My customers are using email, chat, and social to name a few, so how should I support that?

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