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Social Customer Care

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It’s Pumpkin Spice Season – Businesses Need To Be Ready To Scale Up

The consumer demand for pumpkin spice-anything in September and October is no different this year.

A Day in the Life of a Traveling Salesman

I have flown on an airplane at least 20 times per month. This year alone I’ve rented a car 65 times, and stayed in over 80 hotels.

Catch All the Updates When You Connect, Follow, Like, or Subscribe

Your favorite brands are all over social media to update followers on company news, teach tips and tricks, share interesting industry topics, and engage with customers.

My Highlights from Oracle Modern CX 2017 - This Year Vs. Last Year

Customer Experience topics were discussed last week while I was at Oracle Modern CX Conference

5 Ways To Show Customers Love This Valentine's Day (And All Year Long)

With Valentine’s Day celebrated this month I wanted to share five ways to show customers love this Valentine’s Day and all year long.

The Tables Have Turned on Customer Service

It’s an understatement to say the world of customer service has changed. Today’s customer, including me, wants to be able to get a response, quickly from customer service via whatever technology is convenient.

Customer Loyalty in the Age of Social Media

Over the years exasperated customers have aired their frustrating interactions with contact center agents on social media. Some of these have gone viral creating public relation nightmares for the companies involved and giving other frustrated consumers a platform to pile on. Read this guest post by Joanna Jones of Impact Learning Systems to see what happens when social media customer service goes viral:

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