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Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing - Maximize Your Resources while Minimizing Cost

A great call routing strategy will increase first contact resolution, decrease average handling time, and improve agent utilization. Time is money. To make the process seamless and efficient, get intelligent call routing from Five9.

The Five9 Inbound Contact Center is a cloud-based Automated Call Distribution (ACD) software. Prioritize each channel and interaction to decide what resource is best for the customer. The ability to route calls to the right queue and the right agent significantly improves contact ratio and customer satisfaction.

The key advantages of Five9 include:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – Supervisor features like silent monitoring, whisper coaching, chat, and barge-in ensure consistent and effective communication with customers
  • Faster First Call Resolution – Insights on first call resolution performance and best resolution rates give the ability to optimize based on performance
  • Improved Agent Productivity – Access to relevant information about the customer, along with a history of previous interactions, help agents to provide accurate input. When agents have the ability to make notes during the call, schedule a callback, or conference in an expert, call productivity is improved tremendously

Five9 brings the power of the cloud to more than 2,000 customers worldwide and facilitates more than three billion customer interactions annually. Get immediate access to our experts and a free quote with a quick click on "Get Info," or by calling us at 1-800-553-8159.

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Why Five9?

Now more than ever, the contact center is the front door for many businesses.
At Five9, we are on a mission to help transform your contact center to meet customers’ heightened expectations while engaging and empowering your agents to deliver more human experiences.

Customer First

Customer First

Achieve success with our business results approach to sales, implementation, and service.

Completely Customizable

Completely Customizable

Adapt the cloud contact center to the needs of your business - not the other way around.

Reliable & Secure

Reliable & Secure

Count on guaranteed uptime, crystal clear voice, and the most stringent levels of security.

Empower Your Agents

Empower Your Agents

Make it easy for your agents to deliver the superior experience your customers want.

Simple Smart Cloud

About Five9

Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software. We are driven by a passion to transform contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the cost and complexity involved in running a contact center. Check out this video to learn more about how we can help you transform your business today.

Industry Leading Cloud Call Center Software

Five9 Contact Center Software enables agents to be more effective on the phone - so they can sell more and service better. Smart Dialers give agents more time with live prospects. Intelligent Routing gets calls to the right agent. On-Screen Caller Info puts customer information at their fingertips. And everything is automatically logged to your CRM.

Call Center Management Software Guide

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Inbound Call Center: Deliver Great Customer Service

Outbound call centers dial out to reach customers or prospects, and are typically used when a sales team is prospecting for new customers.  Outbound call centers may utilize autodialer and predictive dialing solutions to help maximize agent productivity by increasing the amount of connections agents can make with customers.  

Automatic Call Distribution: Route Calls Intelligently

Five9 offers Universal Queue, an omnichannel solution to ACD that expands the scope of the technology beyond simple phone calls to cover contacts across all channels — social, chat, web, email, and mobile.

Interactive Voice Response: Self-Service Made Easy

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a phone-based customer self-service system by which customers can get information and perform basic functions through the phone system without the aid of a live agent. IVR is often used for such purposes as checking an account balance, making a payment, or resetting a pin number.

CTI Screen Pops

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), or “screen pop” technology, allows contact center agents to access customer profiles and manage customer data during support calls. As soon as an agent connects with a customer, a screen pop appears on the agent’s desktop with the customer’s information from the CRM for the agent to reference and edit. The result is higher...

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