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[PODCAST] Getting Real with the Five9 Summer Interns

That's Genius! Podcast

As funny as it is, we’re all glad our offices aren’t like Dunder Mifflin, aren’t we? But every summer, all across America, companies large and small, particularly in the tech space, bring in their class of summer interns. 

Deep in the trenches of getting their degrees, and ready to prove themselves, today’s interns run the gamut when it comes to backgrounds and roles. While I can’t speak to what intern life is like at Dunder Mifflin, or any other company, our most recent episode of the That’s Genius! podcast features 3 of our summer interns. 

We talk about what they love about the process (relationships, the chance to do meaningful work and not just busy work, and free food doesn’t hurt). We also dive into how relevant their current coursework is to their intern roles (and the answers might surprise you). And, we talk about what’s next for them (hopefully coming to work at Five9).

But above all, these are insanely smart students getting real life experience in a real life setting at a growing tech company. 

So often, summer interns are shoved piles of busy work because their managers don’t know what to do with them. That is certainly not the case at Five9.

Want to hear from them? Take a listen here.