It's 2017. Is It Time to Upgrade Your Contact Center?


Don't let outdated, unreliable or under-powered contact center solutions limit your performance. Instead, be inspired by enterprises that have expanded capacities and reduced expenses by implementing a leading cloud contact center solution.

There's no time like the present. Learn how easy it can be to take your business forward with these case study highlights:


Is your current solution nearing EOL?

When Sentinel Customer Acquisition learned that their $250,000 on-premise dialer would no longer be supported, “we learned an important lesson,” says CEO Jason Myers. "Never buy a dialer from a company whose main business isn’t dialing technology." They considered the $25,000 they'd been paying every year for technical support, and assessed the need to employ in-house IT experts to manage and maintain their onsite system—and decided to make a change.

Myers and his team looked exclusively for a cloud contact center solution. “We believed that technology was headed toward the cloud, and clearly that’s where it has gone.” After deploying a solution from a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider, Sentinel streamlined their IT staff, banked the cost of the support contract, and stopped spending between $30,000 and $50,000 every month for long-distance phone lines.


Does your current solution lack modern features?

OnBrand24 provides BPO services for approximately 100 U.S. clients. Their old on-premise system had reporting and call recording, but it was "very clunky. We needed something better,” says CEO Mark Fichera. What finally pushed the company into the buying mode was a large client's request for priority queuing. “We couldn’t do it,” he says. “That really drove us to get a new system.”

OnBrand24 chose a CCaaS provider that could optimize scripting to manage the client's multiple incoming 800 lines. As wait times started decreasing, the call abandonment rate fell nearly 30 percent. It's been "great for our agents,” says Fichera. “From their desktops, they can see everything that’s going on. And the new scripting tools allow them to handle calls from multiple companies. It’s very clear and precise.”


Could you benefit by adding remote or work-at-home agents?

BPO NexRep has built its reputation as a powerhouse in direct response marketing by recruiting agents who are already customers of their clients' products and empowering them to work from home. “We optimize agents for skill and performance, which provides better results and a better agent experience,” says NexRep CEO Teddy Liaw.

By utilizing a leading cloud contact center solution, NexRep is able to nimbly support and scale its 100 percent virtual agent workforce. Once, a new, large client required onboarding 50 agents quickly. In just eight weeks, NexRep helped the customer quadruple sales, unaware that the client was comparing the BPO to its longtime vendor. “We were able to beat them by an average of 50 percent on every campaign. It was a resounding victory, and the customer switched 100 percent of their business over to us,” says Liaw.


Are you struggling with a multiple vendor solution?

With up to 400 agents in three contact centers, and home agents in 22 states, American Support is a leading provider of contact center outsourcing to major telco companies. With a legacy on-premise solution for outbound dialing, and an inbound-only cloud solution, the company faced serious resource constraints: extensive dual-system agent training; separate data analysis with manual report consolidation; expensive system upgrades.

By consolidating to a single, blended cloud solution that came pre-integrated with their Salesforce CRM, American Support significantly reduced capital and ongoing IT expenses. "Pay-as-you-go pricing enables us to keep costs predictable and controlled," says Matt Zemon, president and CEO. “An advantage of going with a total cloud solution is that it won’t become outdated, as our premise-based system did. Plus, our supervisors and managers can monitor agent operations in near real-time from any device anywhere.”


Would you benefit from custom app integration?

Sentinel Customer Acquisition supports clients' inbound and outbound lead generation, sales and service, and conversion campaigns. Always looking to improve agent efficiency, Sentinel managers found an opportunity to shave unnecessary tasks by eliminating multiple logins to soft phones, computers, and dialer screens.

Utilizing the web services API from their CCaaS provider's toolkit, they easily connected their cloud soft phones to Sentinel’s other applications—including its agent scripting application—so agents log in only once and can begin taking calls in as little as 60 seconds. “We want our agents to be as efficient as possible,” says Myers. “The faster we can get them logged in, the more successful we are."


The last word on cloud contact center solutions

"Five9 reduced our overall operating costs. Besides the cost of additional staff, moving from phone lines to Internet bandwidth slashed our telephony charges in half.”—Matt Zemon, American Support.

“With Five9, we have literally been doubling our year-over-year growth.” —Teddy Liaw, NexRep

“I can put in an order today, and tomorrow 50 stations are live. The ability to scale on demand quickly and easily with Five9 has helped us be successful.” —Jason Myers, Sentinel

“Our business grew 38 percent last year. The year before we switched, it was only 10 to 15 percent. Five9 has played an integral role in our growth.”—Mark Fichera, OnBrand24


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