What to Look For In a Contact Center Software Provider


That’s a good way to describe the task of implementing any kind of new technology.

It’s a big decision, and one which will greatly impact your business.

To make this transition an easy one, let’s take a look at some of the first questions you should be asking yourself. Having concrete answers to these will give you a better understanding of which providers you should be looking for.

What are your Needs?

What is the goal of your contact center? Improve sales? Improve customer experience?

A firm understanding of your needs will allow you to focus on the key features you need to make your investment a success.

As you’re researching, prioritize the features you need the most and if a provider doesn’t offer them – or has no plans to develop it – move on.

This is step #1.

How easy is it to use?

Since your agents get the most out of your chosen contact center software, the learning curve shouldn’t be too steep. When were you last trained to use Facebook, Gmail, or LinkedIn? Your contact center software shouldn’t be too different.

A great idea is to bring in a hands on team member to get their direct feedback on the software.

To maximize efficiency, think about finding a software that can give your agents one interface, one system to work from. Easy integrations with other tools you use is also key.

How long will it take to deploy?

Time is valuable to your business.

The contact center software provider you choose needs to be able to deploy your system when and how you need it.

If you’re going so far to consider on-premise solution providers, this is where you will see a significant advantage with cloud software. With a cloud solution, implementation will be smoother, quicker, and most likely more cost effective since there will be no required on-site equipment.

What’s their training program like?

A good contact center software provider won’t leave you unprepared. Your success is their success.

Do they offer a training program? Professional services?

Look for services such as:

  • Online Training
  • Instructor-led Training Courses
  • Training Webinars
  • Custom Training

Do they offer certification?

Studies have shown that businesses with a certified administrator on staff improves adoption and requires fewer support cases.

Know their Reputation

This is where doing your due diligence is a good idea.

Research other businesses that use the same provider to determine their reputation and how they adapt in high-pressure situations. Don’t be afraid to request customer references.

As a business owner, you know the value of good customer service.

If they can’t provide it to their current customers, it’s a good indication of what your experience is going to be.

Here’s something else to consider.

You know that your business is more than the products you sell, it’s about the people who work for you.

Any good contact center software provider needs to be staffed from top to bottom with quality people who have your best interest in mind and will create a long-lasting positive partnership.

That’s what Five9 does.

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