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Speech Recognition Software

Use an Enhanced IVR System with Speech Recognition

When providing your callers with self-service applications, why not provide the best possible experience? Speech recognition software from Five9 delivers all of the tools you need to meet your callers’ expectations for service quality and efficiency. The Five9 IVR with Speech Recognition allows your customers to call your company at any time and gain access to efficient IVR self-service applications that enable them to provide touch-tone (DTMF) or speech input, depending on their preference or the circumstances of the call. Using the best speech recognition software with the latest technology, the Five9 IVR will analyze spoken input and provide an appropriate response, including easy-to-configure confirmations and error prompts for cases when the speech recognition engine cannot effectively hear the caller’s input. This IVR software can provide your customers options for bill payment, store and branch locations, debt collections and accounts payable, appointment reminders, order status, reservations, and more — saving your agents’ time for more complex, high-value customer service phone calls.

Save Your Agents' Time With IVR

Save Your Agents' Time

The Five9 IVR wth Speech Recognition allows your customers to call at any time and gain access to efficient self-service applications and provide options for bill payment, branch locations, order status, and more. This will allow agents more time to handle high-value customer service calls.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent Routing

Should a call need to be routed to an agent, the Five9 platform provides a smooth transition from the IVR system to an automatic call distribution (ACD) system for appropriate best-fit routing.

Advanced Development Capabilities

All of your IVR applications can be designed with our user-friendly graphical editor, supporting advanced development capabilities including call variables (call attached data), Web services queries and posts, branching logic, regular expressions, functions, formulas, and more. And if calls need to be routed to an agent, the Five9 cloud platform provides a seamless flow from the IVR system to an automatic call distribution (ACD) system for skills-based routing. 

Five9 offers a comprehensive hosted IVR solution for all of your IVR self-service applications. By utilizing our call management platform, you’ll be able to meet or exceed your callers’ expectations, delight your clients and customers, and set your company apart from the competition.

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