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Powering Exceptional Multilingual Customer Experiences for Global Brands

ICON CAse Study Screenshot

As a multilingual BPO based in Prague, ICON Communications Centres faced many challenges providing technical support, sales, and customer care for its clients, including agents having to use multiple systems and technologies to access essential data for customers. ICON needed a solution that could easily integrate with other systems and platforms, provide a single source of truth for customer data, and enable extensive customization and detailed reporting while fulfilling the diverse needs of its customers.

Read the case study to learn how Five9 enabled ICON to:

  • Flexibly scale with a customizable solution that fits its current needs and long-term goals

  • Access in-depth data with seamless integrations

  • Improve IVR logic capabilities with flexible scripting options and dynamic call routing

  • Empower agents with more information about each customer and their issues as soon as they start a call or chat

  • Future-proof its contact center and be ready for complex omnichannel interactions

Case Study: ICON