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Pizza Hut Orders Up Better Customer Experience

Pizza Hut Case Study Screenshot
Pizza Hut Australia operates approximately 270 restaurants in Australia, all linked via a single phone number that fields more than 3,000 calls each day. Call routing is a critical function of Pizza Hut Australia’s business model. But the company’s legacy system wasn’t delivering. The fragmented legacy system was cumbersome and provided limited visibility into the customer experience. The Pizza Hut Australia team considered updating its legacy call-steering system but chose to build a new solution using the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) platform.
Read the case study to learn how the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent enabled Pizza Hut Australia to:
  • Create cost efficiencies in contact center and call costs
  • Eliminate high lead-generation fees incurred by the legacy system
  • Streamline customer interactions and routes subsequent calls to caller’s preferred restaurant
  • Robust, on-demand reporting aggregates customer interaction data and enables identification of trouble spots for adjustment
  • Use AI and natural language processing to enable a truly conversational, highly accurate interaction
  • Ease of management allows in-house team to maintain and update IVAs

Download the Case Study