Five9 MPLS Agent Connect

MPLS Agent Connect

The Internet is such a busy place with all kinds of traffic – social media, gaming, and streaming videos. With almost 312 million internet users,* calls placed on public networks can suffer due to all the congestion and have negative impacts on your customer interactions. With Five9 MPLS Agent Connect, you – and your customers – will enjoy a private, high-quality network connection between your contact center and the Five9 application.


  • Optimized for quick and easy deployment
  • Eliminates the use of public Internet
  • Reduced network congestion
  • Improved bandwidth utilization
  • Better end-user experience
  • QoS guarantee while the public Internet is only a “best effort”
  • Large enterprise-grade level of redundancy and high availability 

Download the Five9 MPLS Agent Connect Data Sheet

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