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[PODCAST] The 2020 Summer Internship Program w/ Lindsey Kelejian, Cecily Kruger, and Nico Yankovich

Five9 Summer Interns

This is normally the time of year that the halls at Five9 are packed with our summer interns. And while a lot of other companies have done away with the summer intern program all together, here at Five9, we couldn’t possibly just NOT have our summer interns. 

So we did what we do best. We adapted. We decided to pivot. 

And on the most recent episode of the That’s Genius! Podcast, we sat down with three of our summer interns, for a discussion all about the program. 

We wanted to know the thing that stood out about Five9 when it came to picking an internship.

*Spoiler alert, for most of them, it was the company culture that everybody raved about.” 

We talked about life as a work-from-home intern, and the pros and cons they’ve experienced in having to participate remotely in our internship program. We talked about Zoom fatigue, which even for these young people from the Tik-Tok generation, is a very real thing. But most of all, we talked about what they were gaining from this experience, and what their next steps are going to be when they’re all finished. 

The summer internship program is crucial at Five9 and we’re not about to get rid of it over something like a pandemic. 

Make sure you listen to the entire interview with these outstanding interns here.