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[PODCAST] 3 Ways Technology Empowers Contact Centers w/ Michael Ramsey

That's Genius!

“Okay, but our contact center is getting the job done as we are. Why should we consider migrating it to the cloud?” It’s a fair question. 

Cloud migration requires a certain level of skill and expertise that a lot of companies simply don’t have. But when you find a company that does? It will take your customer experience to the next level. 

How? So glad you asked.

Michael Ramsey, VP of Product Management for Customer Workflow Products at ServiceNow, shared 3 reasons why a move to the cloud could be beneficial for your organization. 

1. You can still deliver the same service and experience 

Your service doesn’t have to change. You can still focus on the customer and deliver the best possible experience for them. 

2. You can scale UP or DOWN

As the industry changes, and your company ebbs and flows, a cloud-based customer contact service allows you to ebb and flow right along with it. 

Need to expand for a product launch? Not an issue. 

Need to scale back during a lean time? Also not an issue. 

3. It puts the keys in the hands of the customer

With the world changing, customers expect more and more from the companies they interact with. Cloud allows you to adapt to the needs of the consumer faster and with greater flexibility. 

Catch the full podcast interview with Michael here.