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[PODCAST] Acquisitions and Applications: One Year of Success w/ Anand Chandrasekaran pt 1

That's Genius! podcast

Time flies when you’re in quarantine (or something like that). 

The last time we had Anand Chandrasekaran on the That’s Genius! Podcast, he had been with Five9 for just over 100 days. Now, he’s closing in on his first year. 

So what have been the biggest victories Anand has seen since joining the team at Five9? Acquisitions. In particular, Five9 acquired a company called Whendu, built specifically for cloud contact centers. 

The acquisition of Whendu came with 4 packaged applications:

1. Operational Dashboards

Think “these are the things required to run my operations.” They’re the things you need to run a contact center shop.

2. Outbound Digital Campaigns

Proactively reaching out to your customers is crucial, and so Five9  built an application to allow for outbound digital campaigns. 

3. Proactive Notifications

If there’s ever planned maintenance, or if you want to send comfort reminders like shipping notifications, the proactive notifications application is a home run. 

4. Automated Listening to Social Media

Want to see what customers are saying about you on Twitter or Instagram? This is a perfect application for that. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the entire interview with Anand here, and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.