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[PODCAST] Acquisitions and Applications: One Year of Success w/ Anand Chandrasekaran pt 2

That's Genius!

The gig economy is really intriguing to me. Being able to turn work on and off at my leisure. Working when I feel the most creative or productive.

One positive thing about the pandemic is that it’s accelerated telecommunication solutions - making it possible for many people to work when they weren’t able to before.

Stay-at-home parents. Differently abled folks. People looking to earn some extra income. And, people like me who simply want a flexible work schedule.

This new kind of gig economy makes it possible for call center agents to earn when it works best for them. Plus, when your call center is born in the cloud, it’s super easy for agents to switch it on at home.

This is just one of the themes Anand Chandrasekaran, Executive VP of Product Management & Design at Five9, has seen emerge from the pandemic. He talks about it on the latest episode of That’s Genius!

Who knew something so positive could come out of something so destructive?

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