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[PODCAST] Breaking Down the Silos w/ Mike Bourke

That's Genius! Podcast with Mike Bourke

During the pandemic, 75% of people have changed their preferred brands.

With that kind of turnover, companies of all sizes absolutely must automate their processes to better track customer engagement.

When things happen, you need to be able to react and adapt the integrations quickly.

No, "quickly" isn't the right word. The right phrase real time. We need to react and adapt in real time.

Things happen fast in your contact center. If a storm is brewing on social media, you need a real-time alert. By the time a human happens to see what's going on, a queue has built up. And after you make a bunch of manual changes, you're half an hour late...if you're lucky. 

Maybe you missed the whole thing entirely and now have dozens or even thousands of customers who couldn't contact you for a solid customer experience. 

By responding in real time and by automatically finding triggers when something happens, we can make things right. 

At Five9, we've created a platform to help you do that. 

On a recent episode of That’s Genius!, I talked with Mike Bourke, Senior Vice President of Product at Five9. We discussed the value of workflow automation and the tools and technologies that can help you know how your customer feels.

You can listen to my conversation with Mike, here.