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[PODCAST] ‘Call Center Agents Are Always Miserable’ & Other Contact Center Lies w/ Erin Wilson

That's Genius! Podcast

Lies or truths?

1.) “Work and fun don’t mix.”

I recently shared the podcast “stage” with Erin Wilson. Sure, we were talking about important stuff, like cloud-based customer solutions, but Erin also talked about crime-fighting and pigeon-fighting. (Actual topics of our interview!) 

So this one’s a lie — work and fun definitely go together. 

2.)  “Call center agents should be miserable.”

Wrong again.

Here’s a couple small but impactful things Erin said you can do to ensure your agents have fun:

  • Mix in happy “outbound” calls for your agents. So, instead of getting phone call after phone call from upset customers, let your agents do occasional “happy” outbound calls, just to tell a customer how much they’re appreciated.
  • Gamification. Create fun competitiveness around the call center floor.

3.) “On-prem is more reliable than the cloud.”


The cloud offers security and business flexibility (like rapid upgrades) that on-prem never could. (Plus, as our name implies, we’re *beating* the four nines.)

So, lies are 3/3.

If you want to hear more from Erin’s interview, check out the podcast here!  And trust me, you want to hear the rest. There may or may not be an undercover sting operation mentioned.

(Oh, and no pigeons were harmed during the making of this podcast.)