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[PODCAST] A Conversation with the Communications Protagonist w/ Dave Michels

That's Genius! Podcast with Dave Michels

The pandemic didn't change a thing for contact centers.

  • Yes, contact center agents are working from anywhere, not just the office now.

  • They're busier than ever on the phone with customers.

  • And all their data is moving to the cloud at warp speed.

But the pandemic didn't drive those changes. It merely accelerated them. 

Take work from home. The technology is in place, objections have been addressed, and we know that working from anywhere using data in the cloud actually works.

In some ways, COVID has proved to be a giant social experiment and we're finding out that we can do better than we thought.

What's going to happen next with contact centers?

A few things to keep an eye on:

  • Contact center work will grow more flexible in time as well as location.

  • More movement toward the cloud as the umbrella of services expands.

  • Stronger cloud-to-cloud interactions.

But, what about AI? On a recent episode of That’s Genius!, we talked with Dave Michels, principal analyst and founder of TalkingPointz. We discussed the key trends, drivers, and tools in the contact center space in 2020.


You can listen to my conversation with Dave, here.