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[PODCAST] Customer Service in the Age of Social Media w/ Frank Wassenbergh & Kevin Sheehan, CloudLinx

That's Genius!

Once upon a time, the customer contact center was simple. It was about three things:

“How quickly can we identify the customer? How quickly can we get them off the phone? What is this interaction going to cost us?” 

Now it’s 2020, and while contact centers are still concerned with cost, these steps are no longer the driving force behind decision making. So what has changed? 

Frank Wassenbergh and Kevin Sheehan, Managing Partners at Cloudlinx, think it’s a combination of two key factors: 

1. The customer has changed

Consumers are demanding more from companies than ever before. They want ease, convenience, and problem resolution. But what’s driving those demands? 

2. Technology

Whether it’s a FaceTime or Zoom call, a quick text chat with a customer service rep, or a response on Twitter, customers are turning to technology to solve more and more of their problems. 

As a result, CCaaS companies are finding themselves needing to be on the cutting edge of tech. It’s been said that for customers between 18 & 30 years of age, when they post a complaint on social media, 80% expect a response from the company. Which means if you’re not listening to EVERY channel, you’re missing out on countless customers. 

You can listen to our whole interview with Frank & Kevin, here.