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[PODCAST] The Customer Service Dream Team – Myth or Reality? w/ Paul Selby

That's Genius! Podcast

Customer service has come a long way. It used to be that if a customer needed help, they had to either make a phone call, or come into your physical building. Customers are leery of coming into contact with anybody if they don’t have to. 

Thankfully, a lot of businesses have already set themselves up for customer service success, as Paul Selby, Product Marketing Director at ServiceNow, highlighted recently on an episode of That’s Genius! 

He highlighted the 3 things that changed the game for customer service centers: 

1. Self-Service

We all know that customers don’t just have questions during business hours. Live chat only works if someone is there to answer. And AI chats only work so well. So, making knowledge bases where customers can help answer their own questions in lieu of having them talk with an actual rep has been a game changer. 

2. Cloud

It used to be that could was a novelty. There were a couple of major players, and it was cumbersome and complicated. But within the last 10 years or so, cloud has become so ubiquitous that most of us are using it without even realizing it.

3. Mobile

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to make a phone call to customer service anymore. Delivering a world-class solution via mobile is a must for any business looking to be taken seriously. 

Interested in learning more? Listen to the whole interview here.