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[PODCAST] Developing a Maniacal Customer Focus w/ Jake Butterbaugh

That's Genius! podcast

What does your customer need from you?

1.) "I need you to be cool."

Check out the media on your website. What's the feel? Are you “cool” enough for your customer's expectations? 

2.)  “I need you to be in demand."

If you have huge customer demand, deliver on it.

3.) “I need you to be easy."

Are you working on initiatives to make sure that you’re accessible and easy to do business with?

Meet these three needs, says Jake Butterbaugh, and you’ll be well on your way to delivering great customer service. 

Jake is a 10-year veteran of the channel business and a self-confessed podcast lover — so you know he's cool.

But why stop with great service? Why not crank it up to maniacal focus on customer service?

If you want to deliver maniacal customer service, ask these three questions:

1.) How can this customer get the most out of our solution?

2.) What is this customer telling me they need?

3.) How can my customer maximize our partnership? 

Jake says you can keep the momentum of maniacal customer service going by making all the right moves with your partners and in the market.

If you want to hear more from Jake’s interview, listen here.