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[PODCAST] The Five9 Family is Growing w/ Tricia Yankovich

The Five9 Family is Growing w/ Tricia Yankovich

75 new employees. 92% engagement. Those are the numbers we picked up in the second quarter at Five9. 

How do these new hires hear about our company? And why are so many of our employees engaged?

In the latest episode of the That's Genius! podcast, we talked with Tricia Yankovich, SVP, Human Resources at Five9, and paid homage to our unique Five9 culture.

Glassdoor has proven to be a great recruiting tool for us. New employees almost universally say they read about our culture on Glassdoor while they were considering their next move.

So, what is our Five9 culture?

Our culture is a combination of how we work together every day, the values we have as a company, how we treat each other, and what we stand for. Our culture is why we love coming to work every day and spending time with each other, focusing on making Five9 successful so that it's a special place filled with a lot of special people.

Culture doesn't grow in a wishing well. You have to work hard to build a culture that attracts and retains great people.

You don't want to make decisions about culture from the top down or from the bottom up. You definitely want everybody to participate. That helps create engagement. 

Want to engage more deeply? Listen to the whole interview with Tricia, here.