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[PODCAST] How AI is Creating Call Center Super Agents pt 1 w/ Stephen Fioretti

That's Genius! Podcast

Once upon a time, people worried that ATMs would eliminate the need for human tellers. Well, there are still like 300,000 bank tellers today.

So, why do people worry that AIs are going to eliminate call centers?

Rather than call center agents being eliminated by AI, they’re turning into - SUPER AGENTS! Yes, this is a thing.

I got to sit down with Stephen Fioretti, VP, CX ISV Strategic Alliances at Oracle, to talk about evolving channels and automation.

AI becomes the avenue to connect people with super agents, also known as subject matter experts, who are best equipped to answer callers’ questions.

AI can use intelligent scripting to identify:

  • What the call’s about

  • The profile of the client

  • Boring stuff that wastes everyone’s time (confirm address, anyone?)


This is what people expect AI to do now. Be predictive.

In fact, Stephen told me about a printer company where 70% of their interactions with customers are predictive. As in, here’s the problem you’re about to have and how to avoid it. That sort of value truly enables CX.

Hear my whole conversation with Stephen, here.