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[PODCAST] How to Balance AI With the Need for Human Interaction w/ Stephen Fioretti

That's Genius Podcast

“The machines are coming for our jobs!”

How many times have you heard someone say some version of this?

“We’re all going to be replaced with automation!” 

Or, “It’s just a matter of time before they give my job to a robot or a machine.” 

While it’s true that AI is developing rapidly, maybe, just maybe, our fears about the irrelevance of humanity are just a bit to premature? 

I recently got to sit down with Stephen Fioretti, VP of CX Strategic Alliances at Oracle, to talk about AI and the human side of the problem. 

There’s a city in the Western US that has utilized Amazon’s Alexa service for their constituents to report things like potholes or grafitti. 

Imagine being able to say, “Alexa, there’s graffiti at 2nd and Main,” and have someone come to clean it up. 

There’s no way AI can find that on it’s own. What does it need? A human. 

They thought, “If people can order a pizza through their Alexa, why couldn’t we use it as a platform for customer service?” 

Oh, and graffiti is no longer a problem in that city, or potholes for that matter...

So maybe we all just need to relax, and embrace AI for what it is. A tool to make our lives easier. 

Check out the full interview, here.