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[PODCAST] Optimize Your Home Office Tech + Productivity w/ Declan Doyle & Peter Jacobsen

That's Genius Podcast

Let’s think about 2008 for a second. The Great Recession. Some businesses pivoted and are still here today. Some didn’t.

In all of the uncertainty of 2008, one company found their solution to cutting costs. A remote workforce. Poly has been perfecting this new normal for over a decade now.

And there’s one BIG reason for why it’s worked for their team:

*** The 3 B’s ***

1.) Bricks — the place you work from, your work environment

2.) Bytes — the right technology is in place, it’s reliable and secure

3.) Behavior — remote work policies need to be in place and enforced

Poly team members, Declan Doyle and Peter Jakobsen, share how ‘The 3 B’s’ helped their company pivot and thrive on That’s Genius!

I believe this strategy is one that many businesses can take a note of today. Keep moving forward. Keep pivoting.

To hear our entire conversation, click here.