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[PODCAST] The Power of the Five9 FastTrack Program w/ Casey Dunigan

The Power of the Five9 FastTrack Program w/ Casey Dunigan

I don’t know what I’d do if my company wasn’t based in the cloud. I’m not even sure if I’d still have a job.

I can tell you now that the cloud has quite literally saved companies from going under during this pandemic. I can also tell you that I’m very proud to work for a company that helps businesses move their call centers to the cloud. When shelter-in-place went into order, our partners were able to simply go home and continue on working from their homes.

Yes, there are unique challenges to working from home right now. There’s no doubt about it, but our partners and their customers who work in the cloud were able to continue supporting their families.

The flexibility — the ability to pivot — is one of the 3 pillars Casey Dunigan points out in the conversation I had with him on That’s Genius!

The 3 pillars the cloud helps businesses establish:

1. Flexibility

2. Security

3. Reliability

Those pillars are essential to any business in any industry. And, we help them achieve and maintain those pillars through the cloud.

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