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[PODCAST] Send in the Cloud: Work Better Remotely w/ Scott Kolman

That's Genius! Podcast

Agility in the workplace is needed now more than ever. In a time of so many employees working from home, the benefits of the cloud are undeniable.

(In case you haven’t already realized it.)

In the latest episode of That’s Genius! Scott Kolman, SVP of Corporate & Product Marketing for Five9, outlines 5 key reasons why the cloud is great for small and large businesses alike.

Why the cloud is awesome:

1.) Improved flexibility — work from anywhere during local or national disasters (*cough, COVID-19, cough*).

2.) Have the ability to future-proof — deal with unanticipated needs (like being able to add agents to your network on the fly).

3.) Count on uptime and reliability.

4.) Have access to more sophisticated functionalities.

5.) Increase your speed to market.

We need to stick together during this global crisis. Being connected has never been easier with the cloud. Let’s keep people working, keep people connected, and keep people safe.

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