Workflow Automation in Remote Contact Centres

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”  

This now famous Albert Einstein quote  has been more than validated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with Digital Transformation accelerating ahead of its Pre-COVID trajectory by as much as 7 years, according to research 

Mark Jordan Managing Director ‑ Babble Contact, a valued Five9 partner using our fantastic technical wizardry to underpin their Contact Centre solutions, has seen this transformation first-hand. 

“We’ve been helping more and more customers revolutionise the way they operate while continuing to provide fantastic customer experiences,” he says.  

In this  blog, I will explore how some of our core technologies help partners like Babble delight their clients and #ReimagineCX for their all-important end-users. Importantly, the agents using our solutions must not be overlooked, as the tried and tested formula “Happy Agents = Happy Customers” has never rung so true in today’s ‘new normal’.  

Workflow Automation (WFA) to the rescue! 

As an agent in today’s remote cloud-based call centre you have multiple roles. Agents not only answer calls, fix problems, delight customers, and up-sell and cross-sell products; they are also undertaking a mountain of admin work. All the disparate systems need to be updated with the latest information about the contact, what happened and what was said during the interaction, and what the outcome was - and all of that needs reporting too. 

Five9 WFA helps your agents by aggregating this information, providing comprehensive views of data and performance. Synching your Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre data along pre-determined workflows with your other business systems, allows you to drive exceptional customer experiences. Most connectors are pre-built and stored in an extensive library, there’s an intuitive graphical user interface to automate processes, and your entire organisation will have the ability to view the data generated by each interaction in real-time (depending on their needs of course). 

That’s why I used the words ‘technical wizardry’ in my introduction a few paragraphs above; Five9 WFA really is your technical wizard behind the curtain, allowing your main cast to focus on what they do best - making your customers happy and protecting your bottom line. 

Find out how much budget you could save by heading to the Five9 Workflow Automation calculator or find me on Twitter to talk more.  

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