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6 Reasons to Use a Five9 TAM

Jason Baruch
Jason Baruch VP, TAM

A Five9 Technical Account Manager (TAM) can provide several benefits to your organization when using the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform. Have you ever wanted a team member that functions as part of your organization to provide support and expertise in the areas of Contact Center Operations, Five9 Software, and Technology? In many cases, the largest issue for most organizations getting all the ROI out of their technology investments boils down to one simple thing – you just don’t know what you don’t know.

Here are some reasons why you might consider utilizing a Five9 TAM.

1. Expert Guidance

A TAM is a designated resource with extensive knowledge and expertise in the Five9 platform. They will work hard to understand your various business units, how they operate, what your Key Performance Indicators are and why, so they can offer guidance and best practices to help you optimize your contact center operations and leverage the full capabilities of Five9. They understand the technical aspects, features, and configurations of the platform and can provide valuable insights to enhance your customer service and support strategy.

2. Customized Solutions

TAMs work closely with your organization to understand your specific business requirements, objectives, and challenges. They can help tailor the Five9 platform to meet your unique needs, whether it's your interdependencies with other systems, implementing advanced routing strategies, or developing custom workflows. Their expertise allows them to design customized solutions that align with your goals. TAMs are where the rubber meets the road for Five9 customers. TAMs will help you to conceptualize, develop, build, test, place into production, measure, and train you on anything that needs to be built. They really can do it all with your current Five9 functionality. 

3. Consultant

TAMs have a background in contact centers and technology. They have either seen your problem statement before, understand how to resolve it, or can bring in the right expertise to help. TAMs are proactive in addressing potential issues and providing timely guidance. They work with you to understand the performance of your contact center, identify areas of improvement, and undertake projects for continuous enhancement. By having a designated resource who understands your environment, you can receive faster response times and proactive recommendations to enhance your operations.

4. Relationship Management

TAMs act as trusted advisors and advocates for your organization within Five9. They help foster a strong relationship between your business and Five9, ensuring that your feedback, concerns, and requirements are communicated effectively. They can also serve as a liaison between your organization and various teams within Five9, such as support, engineering, or product management.

5. Continuous Education

Five9 TAMs can provide training and educational resources to empower your team and enable them to leverage the full potential of the platform. They can conduct one on one training or knowledge-sharing sessions tailored to your specific needs. By staying updated on the latest features and best practices, your team can optimize their use of the Five9 platform.

6. Scalability and Growth 

As your organization evolves, a TAM can help you scale your contact center operations effectively. Whether you're expanding to new locations, implementing additional features, or integrating with new technologies, a TAM can provide guidance and support throughout the process. They can assist with capacity planning, performance optimization, and ensuring a smooth transition during periods of growth. They can also provide continuity to your operations when your resources leave, get promoted, or have long absences.

Overall, a Five9 Technical Account Manager can function as a valuable asset to your organization by providing expertise, support, and customized solutions to help you maximize the benefits of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform. 

Jason Baruch
Jason Baruch VP, TAM

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