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A Moment that Mattered: Reuniting with Partners and Friends at the Telarus Business Summit

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I was filled with nostalgia as I checked into the Marriott Marquis, San Diego, to attend the 2021 Telarus Business Summit at the end of July. The theme of this year’s event was “Survive – Overcome – Thrive,” a message that really resonated with everyone. It seemed like an eternity since I had been at an event like this, and it felt great to be back visiting with friends and colleagues and feeling the excitement of face-to-face business returning. A buzz was in the air as Telarus sales partners, vendors, employees, and friends greeted each other with enthusiasm.     

Telarus is one of Five9’s most successful global technology services distributors. Over the last five years, we have both experienced exponential growth built on a foundation of mutual success and a dedicated CCaaS sales team. Their high-quality sub-agent partnership has enabled us to win more customer opportunities. In fact, Five9 named Telarus the 2020 Five9 Transformational Partner of the Year.  And recently, Five9 was recognized as a top-producing partner and awarded 2020 CCaaS Partner of the Year by Telarus.    

Excitement and anticipation filled the room as we made our way to our seats for that morning’s keynote at the Marriott. The energy was palpable as partners (read: old friends) saw each other in person for the first time in almost two years. Everyone was so thankful to be back together with the people in our industry who make business so fun and successful. We’ve all experienced different degrees of trials and tribulations as we learned modern-day survival skills in life and business in 2020 and 2021. And through it all, we overcame together, and we are better for it.    

At Five9, we frequently talk about people being the center of our business, and our marketing materials sell the virtues of the agent and customer experience gained through our software. But being immersed in the company of so many people who have recently overcome adversity, endured, and are now thriving together, made me recognize the value of individual relationships in business even more than before.       

I’m immensely grateful for the cloud-based technology that strengthened our human connection while practicing social distancing. It was cloud-based technology that allowed us to continue and even grow our business during a pandemic. And as we scanned name badges at the Telarus Summit for people we met for the first time, it will be cloud-based technology that allows us to follow up and create new relationships and new revenue streams to pursue.    

The 2021 Telarus Business Summit in and of itself was a significant moment that mattered. It was a culmination of technology and humanity, cast in very bright light. It was a celebration of overcoming hardships, personal accomplishments, and next-generation strategies. And on a personal note, it ended even more sweetly with the opportunity to walk on stage and accept the award for top CCaaS vendor in front of friends. 

I’m looking forward to Five9 and Telarus thriving together as we finish 2021 and grow our very successful partnership in the years to come. Learn more about all our Five9 Global Program at 

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