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Black History Month: A Continuous Celebration

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Alondra Mendoza Social Marketing Coordinator

Although Black History Month ended on February 28th, Five9 encourages you to continue the celebration, recognition, and education. This year’s national theme was “The Dreams of Our Ancestors” and Five9’s employee resource group, BlatinX, planned several events and, in collaboration with the Social Marketing team, spotlighted employees.

BlatinX hosted a virtual event titled, “Build the Brand That Ignites Your Future.” Onyeka Taylor-Shakur, Solution Consultant Enablement Manager at Five9 moderated this insightful event featuring three dynamic panelists. Two of the panelists, Andrew Kelley, Vice President of Corporate Development & Ventures at Five9 and Lysa Ratliff, Chief Executive Officer at KABOOM! shared how they created their brand and how it helped propel their careers today. Additionally, BlatinX’s third guest, Ken Reed, Founder of Gold Strike Resume, facilitated a brief brand building workshop for our Five9 attendees.

Our marketing team also hosted a virtual event titled “Origins of Black History Month.” Confetti lead an educational and engaging event sharing the historical background of Black History Month.

Not only did we come together to learn, have fun, and immerse ourselves in the origins of this celebratory month, but the Social Marketing team and BlatinX had the honor of highlighting some of our African-American and/or Black-American employees throughout the month on our social platforms, which include: TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and Instagram. Take a look at what our employees had to say as they reflected on these questions:

  • What would your ancestors be most proud of about you for?
  • How are you going to continue to carry out your ancestors’ dreams? 

"Perseverance. I am going to make perseverance an everyday thought and not one that only comes about when challenges are presented."

— Brandon Warren, Enterprise Sales Director

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"I will carry out my ancestors' dreams by continuing to push the issue and always working towards what I believe in."

"I believe I'm making my ancestors proud because I'm thriving in an environment where I have my own autonomy and identity. Despite societal pressures, stigmas, and stereotypes I'm able to authentically show up as me."

— Donnell Toliver, Manager, Sales Development

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"I will continue to carry out my ancestors' dreams by always making time to uplift and support those with less access to resources and opportunity."

— Mikaela Adolphus, Partner Marketing Manager

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"I'm making my ancestors proud by defying all odds and graduating with the M.B.A. at the age of 21. Then using that to maintain a career in corporate America where ethnic women are continuously breaking glass ceilings."

— Cassie Morgan, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

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"My ancestors are proud that I walked through the doors they opened and created a wider path for the following generation. By walking through those doors, building new ones, and offering a hand along the way, I hope that others see me and dream MUCH bigger."

— Onyeka Shakur-Flagg, Solutions Consultant Enablement Manager

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"I think moving from surviving to thriving to throwing down ladders for the next generation is what would make my ancestors most proud."

— Andrew Kelley, VP, Corporate Development & Ventures

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We hope this inspires you to continue to learn, educate, and keep working hard on accomplishing your dreams and those of your ancestors. To learn more, visit

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Alondra Mendoza Social Marketing Coordinator

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