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CX Summit Spotlight: Five9 Partners Showcase CX Solutions for Real Life

Stacey Cole
Stacey Cole Sr. Director, Global Partner Marketing

As Five9 CX Summit quickly approaches, we’d like to acknowledge that we couldn’t do this without our incredible sponsors, who are all members of the Five9 Partner Ecosystem.  

Along with over 40 partners, Five9 CX Summit will take place Aug. 9-11 at the Aria Resort & Casino and feature unique workshops, demos, and partner showcases within our CX Hub. Five9 and our sponsors will work together to showcase how we make CX work for real life.  

The CX Hub  

The CX Hub serves as a focal point for CX Summit, where attendees can source enhancement technology from Five9 solution partners, have collaborative conversations with fellow contact center administrators, and experience solution demonstrations in real-life applications. The experience at the CX Hub will allow attendees to build their professional and ecosystem networks and gain insight on reimagining CX through thoughtfully curated content.  

The real-time demos at the CX Hub will showcase our sponsors’ innovations and how they play a huge role in helping you reimagine your CX. Our partner sponsors will demonstrate unique solutions including agent assistance applications, gamification, interaction analytics, and unified communications. 

Featured partner demos 

  • Building an ROI Strategy for CX Automation with Inflow 

  • Join the InflowCX team to learn how to run a true ROI model when you’re assessing automation technology. This session will uncover how to build a business case by proving the ROI that automation can deliver. 

  • Oracle and Five9 – Bringing Dark Data Into Light 

  • By combining contact center management, CRM, and data management, Oracle and Five9 show how illuminating previously dark data can reveal actionable insights never previously available to the enterprise. 

  • Take the Sting Out of Environment Testing with Five9 Razor 

  • Come see how this new testing tool, Five9 Performance Assurance powered by Razor, will help you ensure your customer experiences are operating as they should and all parts of your CX ecosystem are working together for success. 

  • Observe.AI’s Intelligent Workforce Platform: Simplification Through Automation 

  • Observe.AI provides organizations with concrete evidence to make better decisions and improve overall performance. This session will provide the inside scoop on how organizations can cut costs, reorganize staffing priorities, reduce overhead spending, and eliminate the need to perform mundane and repetitive tasks. 

  • Know Before You Answer: Using Digital Intent to Route Calls and Inform Conversations with Invoca 

  • See how Five9 customers can use Invoca to activate key contact center data in real time to improve CX, drive conversions, and reduce costs. 

  • How to Create a Personalized Wallboard & Setup Flexible IM Alerts 

  • 2Rings real-time alerting solution, Dashboards & Wallboards, can help you address challenges your contact center might face on a daily basis. This demo will show you how to build unique, one-off layouts with custom metrics and content, how to easily set up alerts and notifications, and how to deliver information to any screen. 

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience and Security – A Voice Biometrics Viewpoint by Validsoft 

  • Join the Validsoft team to explore the changes and innovations in the connected customer journey. In this session, we will discuss the challenges this has created for security and the evolving cyber-threat landscape and look at how the use of voice biometrics can help to solve these challenges and make the customer the center of their security landscape. 

These live demonstrations will take place in the Demopalooza Theater. Located in the CX Hub, the theater will host real-time product demonstrations within the Five9 environment to showcase business solutions for your organization. We will also feature information and demos on all the latest Five9 solutions and add-on products in the Five9 Demo Pods. 

Partner Keynote Sessions 

We thank all our sponsors for taking the time to invest and support our vision during Five9 CX Summit. A few partner-led keynote sessions you won’t want to miss include the keynote featuring Kyndryl, which will highlight the Collaborative Intelligence paradigm shift for the CIO. This session will dive into how AI can transition from a niche tool to a foundational platform and improve customer experience, employee engagement, scale, and cost savings. CIOs will discuss the challenges and values of implementation at this session on August 10th.  

Another notable keynote will feature Slalom’s Carrie Steyer and Amas Tenumah in a fireside chat with Five9 President Dan Burkland. The session will explore how AI and automation elevate customer experience, inducing real life case studies of organizations that have accelerated their contact center structure and CX through AI. 

Attendees can expect many other opportunities to learn and connect at Five9 CX Summit, including the Industry Circle of Excellence Theatre, CX Workshops and Seminars, Application Training Classes, and a Five9 Product Roadmap Session. These events will allow you to optimize the people, processes, and technology of CX, learn how to use Five9 solutions in new ways, and leverage emerging technologies. 

We are grateful to our sponsors for their support of Five9 CX Summit and look forward to highlighting their unique innovations. For more information, read about our CX Summit sessions; filter by real-time demos under Session Presentation Type to check out timing of the live demonstrations of Five9 and partner solutions. 

Visit the CX Summit page to register for the event or to learn more

Stacey Cole
Stacey Cole Sr. Director, Global Partner Marketing

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